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Amber Fox Photographer, Lisa Dabbs, IMG_2254 Teaching With Soul is about IMET: Inspire, Mentor & Equip teachers… to “teach with soul”. It’s a place to  support and mentor new teachers in solving issues that are specific to their needs.

Here, you’ll receive tips, resources, ideas and inspiration on how to get through those first years of teaching.  New and pre-service teachers are invited to connect here and share that sense of community that is so  important in our education practice.

Lisa Dabbs is a wife and Mom. She started her career as an elementary school teacher in Southern California.  In this role as teacher, she assisted with a grant project and became the Project Director of a Language and  Literacy program. Soon after she was called to serve as an elementary school principal, and did that for 14  years.

During that time she recruited, hired, trained and mentored over 200 new and veteran teachers at her school sites. She watched their failures as well as coached them to success. As an admin the most significant aspect she observed in their journey was the power that mentorship brings to creating a successful teaching career.  As a result, she’s passionately committed to the mission that no teacher, should have to go through their teaching days alone.

In 2009 Lisa became an Educational Consultant. Here’s some of what she does in this work:

Some of her past work includes:

  • Coach/Consultant for Kaplan K-12 Educational Corporation.
  • Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Level courses in School Administration.
  • Marketing Team Representative for EduPad.com

Lisa enjoys spreading the word on what passion can do to inspire educators to stay commited to their work, even in the midst of challenging times.  As a result of this passion, she founded a chat for New and Pre-Service Teachers on Twitter: #ntchat. The chat occurs every Wednesday at 5PM PDT/8PM EDT. It’s supportive and practitioner focused with discussions that resonate with new teachers in the field. Visit this page to get all the info on New Teacher Chat.

Lisa has blogged for almost 6 years, and consistently seeks to develop her skills as a writer.  After a few years spent developing a book concept she’s excited to announce that her book proposal to Corwin Press has been accepted and she will be joining the Corwin Connected Educator series. The title of her book is Standing in the Gap: Empowering New Teachers through Connected Resources. She’ll be writing this with co-author Nicol Howard and is thrilled to make this happen. Look to see tons of promo for the book leading up to the launch!

Please subscribe to receive regular updates through email and if you have questions, or want to get in touch, email Lisa anytime at lisa@lisadabbs.com with questions, ideas, or any feedback. She always loves to hear from her readers!

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  1. […] Lisa Dabbs is an Educational Consultant. You can find her blogging at Teachingwithsoul.com and on Twitter @teachingwthsoul. […]

  2. Wooosh! Essa blast from the past!
    Hello, Lisa, Donte from Drew catching up to you!
    Hope everything is panning out well.

  3. Congratulations!

    I hope your future dream come true.

  4. Congratulations Lisa!

    I am inspired by your efforts to branch out to others that really believe in “Teaching With Soul”.

    As your former colleague, I’m proud of you!